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We have a large and unique fabric and curtain design to choose from Emirates Curtains UAE. We have Finishing style curtains, Window Curtains, Balcony, Eyelets, Pencil pleat, Velvet and Chenille Curtains and many more. You can choose the most suitable window curtains from them. Curtain UAE is a leading curtain company with fast installation services in UAE. With our promise, we will make your space modern and beautiful. We bring the best products in the world to your doorstep so you can choose the right style, colour, and pattern for your home environment.

Regardless of your style, space and scheme, explore what we have created to measure the range of Curtains Dubai to find the best finishing touch to your home. Add colour, warmth, and excitement to your room with our latest curtains. Our large collection of window curtains includes all types of curtains ranging from traditional eyelet to modern blackout curtains Dubai. Investing in our blackout curtains for your bedroom means you get a good night's sleep without the morning sunlight flowing into your room. Regardless of the season and your style, you can always rely on our products to make your home windows unique. Choose from incorporating those luxurious drapes and unmistakable designs, with our new curtain pole and track range handle we are sure you will love your new window curtains. The best products in the world with one click from you.

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Find suitable curtains with a finishing touch to all the rooms in a home. There are so many shades to choose from and stunning patterns


Get rich with those luxurious velvet and chenille curtains. These unique drapes will allow you to create a comfortable and cosy space that is ideal for relaxation.


Add vibrancy to your child's room with these stunning digitally printed baby curtains. You can match these curtains with your bed sheets and pillows to give your child an atmosphere of wonder and magic.


Create your own little room with one of our floral, leafy designs. Choose a large and blooming botanical to give your home a fresh spring burst or pick a few sensible blooming flowers or two.


For bright sunlight, and visual privacy, our gorgeous curtains are a curtain for you. They are not just a practical stopgap.


Adding a drop of that luxury to your home, the collection of original and faux silk curtains is sophisticated and stunning. From soft and subtle shades to rich and rich tones, each of these curtains is elegant and beautiful.


This collection of Striped and Checked curtains has the perfect blend of neutral tones and vibrant colours. There are traditional checks, wide stripes, pinstripes, horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Everything you need to add a touch of smart and sophisticated pattern to your home.


We love neutrals! This collection brings together the finest textures and the most wonderful tones to help you create a cosy little snug to curl up and relax in. Think natural linens and weave alongside elegant fabrics that sparkle and shimmer. All in glorious plain, neutral and natural colours that will complement your decor perfectly, year after year.