The Perfect Draperies that use Lesser Fabrics

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In an era of modernity, the interior design of a room space has become a necessity. The window treatments, which were earlier installed considering the functionality, are now a piece of decor that enhances the ambience of the interior with exquisite fabrics with timeless designs and patterns.

Curtains UAE collection may radically alter the appearance of an interior space by providing impact, isolation, and comfort. An unrenovated window is almost equal to an incomplete one. Emirates Curtains considers numerous factors during manufacturing bespoke curtains to understand " Which Curtains look exceptional even with least fabric?" The first step is to help the clients select the perfect fabric. This standard should consider the drapery's aesthetics, functionality, and budget.

As part of the specification process, you must establish an appropriate header style. In this style, the fabric is sewn or folded on top of the curtain. It will have a noticeable impression on how the fabric hangs and how the curtain stacks backwards (how much space the curtain has), and other practical characteristics. It is occupied when fully opened. You may choose from a variety of heading styles. They serve functional purposes and have a considerable influence on the presentation of the space, whether it is traditional or modern.

We educate you with the exquisite varieties of curtains that bring out the best interior ambience through this blog. Here is a quick reference to our Curtains Dubai assortment that replenishes your windows with the finest fabrics. So let's explore and find out which curtain utilises the least quantity of fabric while still looking fabulous!

Ideal Curtain Styles Utilising Lesser Fabric

If you believe that whatever the styling be, the impact is the same, you should keenly learn more about each curtain style and design to understand their peculiarity. Unique curtain styles with infinite options in colour, fabric, size, design, and patterns are available in the market, offering a one-of-a-kind ambience to the interiors. Window draperies should always compliment the interior theme for the perfect outcome, creating an ideal atmosphere.

Earlier, there was a misbelief that any fabric in excess could be draped into a curtain to meet the requirements. However, each curtain fabric is uniquely measured with different lengths and sizes to meet the styling requirements.

To look exceptional, the heavy fabric is not always a necessity. There are a lot of curtain styles that offer outstanding styling, even with the least amount of material. A lesser fabric never ever depicts non-functionality. In a tropical region like the UAE, every Dubai blinds and curtains are efficient in offering a cosy ambience by blocking out the light and noise and maintaining the aesthetic excellence of the room. Here are the ideal curtains with promising functionality that utilises a lesser fabric for better outcome.


Eyelet curtains are the most fashionable and trendiest curtains on the market today. Simple curtains with appropriate eyelets are attached to the heading in this styling. The most excellent part of this styling is that it requires only a few fabrics for an impressive outcome.

Take precise measurements of your windows and choose a considerable amount of fabric for your classy curtains. Our shop's Blinds Dubai and Curtains Abu Dhabi collections possess high standards and international quality.

These curtains are exceedingly simple to install and brilliantly complement the eyelets. The only care to be taken is while adjusting the eyelets on the curtain rod. The curtains will glide over your windows, giving your room a pleasing appearance.


Pencil pleats are among the most preferred forms of curtains among the most exotic designs. These curtains employ the least amount of fabric due to their elegant, sleek, clean, and delicate pleats. This window treatment is designed to stretch around the window, covering the immediate surrounding to block light, and it does so with a small quantity of textile.

For valance curtains, the pencil pleat curtains are shallow and budget-friendly. Moreover, these curtains are attractively designed with delicate-tiny pleats. Even with just fewer fabrics, these curtains evoke an outstanding styling.


Substances are light to medium in weight, making them unsuitable for heavy velvets or intricate textures. Textiles with precise and swish finishing have been demonstrated to have more significant benefits. Vertical lines, expansive florals, or stripy fabrics should be avoided since the pattern may slip between the folds, giving the design an unpleasing impact.

It has a fashionable appearance, an attractive heading feel, the ability to suspend, and a bit of dressing that produces nice folds down the curtain as pinch heading executes fold/pleat spacing. Double or triple pinch pleats are elegant window treatment designs but may consume more fabric than single pinch pleat curtain styling.


Goblet pleats provide a stunning heading for longer and heavier curtain fabrics. They have an opulent appearance and are best made with deluxe material suitable for tracks or poles, with the outsized poles having the most aesthetic impact. These are, without a doubt, the most admirable curtains that choose lesser fabric for greater appeal.

Despite its length, it is certainly worth the additional work. Accurate measurements of window sizes are essential, as the finished dimension is critical, and modifications on the finished curtains may look awful. Goblets would also prefer more room to stack against the side of the window for a fuller look.

In short, to drape the window in the best doesnt mean to exhibit a bulk quantity of expensive fabric onboard. It just means choosing the right fabric in a considerable amount to create a functional and appealing style. Choose the styling that best suits your interior decor for a more elegant finish!