How to Choose Curtains for living room in Dubai

How to Choose Curtains for living room

Got the furniture for your home? It's time to decorate. There are many elements of this, but one of the most important is curtains. They're an integral part of setting the tone for a room! From light and airy to ornamental and substantial, from solid colours to prints - it's all up for grabs! With so many options on track types, fabric choices or accessories these days - picking out curtains from Curtains Dubai can be quite confusing. Here are some quick tips on how you might go about making that decision

Main Difference between curtains and drapes

Curtains, drapes and shades are often chosen without a clear understanding of the difference between them. However, if you don't know which window treatment is best for your living room or bedroom this can actually interfere with the amount of sunlight coming in. Curtains are fabric panels made from lightweight materials that hang from curtain rods and they're mostly used as privacy barriers making it perfect for living rooms whereas drapes are made from thicker materials designed specifically to block out light meaning they're perfect for bedrooms.

Choose The Right Fabric

The fabric you pick for your curtains from Curtains UAE is crucial to the way it looks. The sheerness of the lace, material weight, and mood are all things that should be considered when picking out fabrics. Remember however that each type of fabric falls differently depending on an elevation and will look different when pleated or drawn back, which means they can't always go together.

The Choice Of Colour

Your curtains should be in sync with the rest of your decor. You could choose drapes from Curtains Abu Dhabi that either harmonize with your furniture or contrast it, to create a pleasing look. For example, if you want the colours of the curtains to be focused on instead, pick contrasting colours for them and use furniture that is close in colour as well as walls that are similarly coloured.

Selecting Between Prints And Solids

If all other soft furnishings in your room are a solid colour, going with printed curtains can be a popular choice. The opposite holds true as well- one thing to remember is that prints add visual weight to any element. Therefore one way to work with printed curtains is to pair them up with solid coloured furniture accessorised by using only prints for accessories like cushions and rugs amongst others depending on what kind of print you're interested in. And if it's geometric patterns, then contemporary style space would suit you, while floral would suit the modern classic or traditional decor.